Tuesday, July 21, 2015

UFOs in my stash

 The other day while tearing through my stash, looking for red fabric, I came upon a UFO -- UnFinished Object.  It was not the answer to my search, but it was a pleasant surprise.  Why had I never finished it?  That got me thinking, how many other UFO's did I have stashed?  I dug deeper and was amazed by how many unfinished projects were stuffed in drawers.

There were no less than I lost count of how many discarded blocks I found that were perfectly suited to making potholders or pincushions.  And a couple of the abandoned quilts could be made into baby blankets by removing a row or two.  I found were, 

Not all of the UFO's I found were projects I would be interested in finishing for gift giving or personal use, but some of them would make nice little blankies for the animal shelter down the street.  Aren't dogs color blind?  They won't mind uneven stitching or what-were-you-thinking patterns.