Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Rose-Colored Glasses Sew-It Show-It Challenge


Today is the last day of this fantastic hop and my day to show you my project for the Rose-Colored Glasses Sew-It Show-It Challenge.  This month's challenge is the brainchild of Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.  Thank you, Carol for hosting this fun blog hop.  I don't know where you come up with all these great challenges!

Carol challenged us this month to create something using rose or pink fabric, eyeglasses, roses, or positive words.  I have worn glasses since I was in the 4th grade, so naturally I chose to focus on glasses.

This was one of those projects that just kept growing as ideas bloomed.  I decided to applique a cute girl in rose-colored glasses on the front of a tote bag.   I was ready to stitch her down when I began to get ideas.  It was as if this cute little miss was talking to me, saying, "Hey, I'm not just another pretty face!"  

So after a little thought I added a few things to my design.

--Instead of sewing her directly onto the tote, I sewed her onto a large pocket big enough to hold a full-size magazine. 

--I added eyelets to her ears (which are free-standing) so she could hold my earrings.  

--I added buttonholes in her hair so she could hold my glasses/sunglasses.

--I added buttonholes on either side of her neck so she could hold a necklace or scarf.  

I sewed the pocket to the tote, and Rose became functional as well as cute, my gal pal for when I go to the gym or the beach. 
A nice big tote.


Rose is the perfect debutante in her rose-colored glasses and 
Peter Pan collar.  If you look closely, you can tell her collar 
and glasses are made from the same pattern.  Her glasses are  
made from a piece of clear vinyl tinted with a red Sharpie pen.


At the gym, Rose can hold my glasses and jewelery for me.


Rose can hold my sunglasses, earrings, and scarf 
while I take a dip in the pool.  The pocket easily 
holds a magazine and the tote can hold a
beach towel with room to spare. 


Rose's pocket is 11"x12", big enough to hold a large magazine or book, and the bag is nice and roomy, overall about 17"x17".

Rose and I are ready for any beach trip or shop hop that comes our way!  

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