Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It's a Small World Quilt

I was recently asked to make a baby quilt.  When I asked what sort of quilt did they have in mind, I was told, "Oh, just a map of the world will be fine."   

Does this happen to you?  It happens to me way more often than I care to count.  Upon further questioning, they said they wanted an international theme.

"Sort of like 'It's a Small World' from Disney?" I asked.

Yes, that would work.

From a batik fabric in my stash, I cut a 12" circle using a plate from my kitchen.  I folded an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper lengthwise and drew a basic body (with ears) on the fold.  Since this was for a baby, I did not draw any fingers or toes.  The finished figure was about 8" tall.  I used this as my pattern to cut my people from various shades of tan. I then placed the world and the dolls on a piece of fabric approximately 42" x 42."

I looked up on Pinterest several pictures from Disney's "It's a Small World" and checked out more sites on attire.

This quilt was a lot of fun to make.  It was like dressing paper dolls.

I appliqued the world and the "dolls" to the top of the quilt.  Pressed for time, there was no way I could hand quilt the top and have it ready when it was needed, so I used my machine and did some echo quilting. 

 I would like to make another quilt like this one when time permits and I can take my time quilting around the figures.  I like the look of the echo quilting. 

The quilt was big hit with the recipient and hopefully Baby will enjoy it for many years.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cotton Patch Quilt Guild 2018 Quilt Show

This last weekend The Cotton Patch Quilt Guild held their annual quilt show at Hodel's Country Dining, and what a show it was.  I am always in awe at the talent displayed.  There was something for everyone, from simple patchwork to intricate quilted tapestries.  My good friend Rhea and I ooh'ed and ahh'ed until we were hoarse. 

Also at the show were several vendors selling kits, panels, patterns, and gift items.  The quilt shown below is a flannel kit called 'Dino Stomp' by Northcott that local shop Thimbletowne was showcasing.  The characters on this piece are so bright and colorful, I just had to buy a panel.  I was pleasantly surprised to find when I unpackaged it at home that the panel was a full 36" x 44," plenty big enough for a child's quilt without any added borders. 

Also at the show, the ladies of the guild were selling items they had made.  It was all I could do to stop myself from buying placemats, totes, book covers, pin cushions, etc.  I must admit Rhea showed real restraint when she didn't choke when I started to buy a fat-lady pin cushion.  My eyes aren't what they used to be, and the fancy handwriting looked to me like $5 when in reality it was $45.  When the vendor quoted the price plus tax, I apologetically declined to make the purchase.