Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Quilts for Christmas

When I asked my granddaughters what they wanted for Christmas, they both screamed, "Make me a quilt." 

It's not like they don't have a dozen already, so I asked them what they wanted these quilts to feature.  Lila immediately said she wanted elephants -- pink elephants.  Ashlyn, who is growing up and wants everything in her closet to be black, said she wanted a black quilt.  😶 

And so I set out to find age-appropriate black fabric that was not too austere and pink elephants.  For their little sister, Harper, I knew everything was about Minnie Mouse, so I ordered her fabric online.  

I was so excited to find the cutest pink elephant print and decided to make a panel quilt with a stack of elephants.  Lila loved it!

The black print I finally purchased was a print of white drawn white flowers on a black background.  To offset the quilt's plainness, I added a panel of white in the lower third and used raw-edge applique to stitch her name in large pink letters.  By the look on her face on Christmas Eve, she was pleased.

Harper's quilt was an adorable panel print of Minnie Mouse -- just her size.

Wyatt received a quilt, too, but I failed to get a picture.  Wyatt loves Minions, so his quilt was an orange and blue panel print of Bob, Stuart, and Kevin, which he loves to cuddle under.