Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Itch to Stitch

I have been having a great time stitching a red work Christmas pattern and got the bright idea I could make my own pattern.  I saw a picture of a retro gal in an apron and thought it might be cute to make a series of retro chicks doing various chores or tasks. 

Have you ever read any of those old cookbooks with tips on etiquette and happy homes?  We've come a long way, baby! (One of these days, I'll share with you my theory on how women broke into the work market.  Seriously, what were we thinking???  We could have planned that just a little better.) 

My mother was one of these 1950's-ish ladies.  I have fond memories of her making the beds and singing hymns.  She worked hard to keep her house clean, her kids supervised, and her husband fed and happy.  She had to manage the household on a (usually tight) budget and keep up with the Joneses (whoever they were).  She kept a spotless house, whizzing through her chores in high heels and pin curls, and made sure she had time to stop to watch her afternoon soap operas.  What a woman!  That was a simpler time.  She knew her neighbors well, and they had kidnap parties, coffee klatches, extreme bridal/baby showers, and generally was a friend in deed.  This series, if I do it, will be a sort of tribute to her.

Here is retro chick design #1:

I wanted to see how she would look as a quilt block, so I made a sampler of my design, mug rug size.  I think it's a cute idea.  Also thought another character, like a doxie, might add some interest to the finished block. 

(I love to cook, but I don't know if I have ever looked that happy about it!)

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