Friday, October 31, 2014

BOOgie Fever Table Runner

Some of you asked for the pattern for the BOOgie Fever Fiends.  There is no real "pattern," but here are the fiends that you can copy and cut out for your own use. This is not a quick project and it helps if you're an organized person.  I am not.  I lost pieces every time I turned around and had bits and pieces of fabric shavings and paper shards all over my craft room.  You will definitely need to sweep when you finish.  Take your time when cutting out the shapes, and most of all have fun!

Here are the drawings for the fiends on the BOOgie Fever Table Fever.  They can be copied onto 8.5"x11" paper then enlarged by 25%.  Finished sizes are approximately 12" tall.

To make the fiends, it was easiest for me to trace the shapes onto the paper side of fusible web, cut and iron pieces to appropriate colored fabric, then cut out shapes.  I then positioned them on their background fabric (9.5"x14.5"), peeled off the backing, and ironed them down. 

For the women's mouths I fused a white (teeth) fabric piece on top of a slightly larger red fabric piece (lips), then fused it to the face.

Details like the eyes, Mummy's bandages, Wolfie's nose, and Frank's and his bride's stitches were drawn on with a permanent black marker.


  1. Thanks for these cute "models" for your amazing was one of my favorites!

  2. Your runner was just gorgeous with these. I might have to try them out.

  3. Gosh! Thanks so much for sharing the drawings. I'll definitely be playing with them after I get two more UFOs squared away. :)

  4. and thanks again for them ...and will most certainly use them for next year or sooner...