Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pretty Potted Pencil Holder

It's no secret, I am not the most organized person in the world.  I lose stuff all the time, especially my pens and pencils.  It is really annoying when I am writing or designing something in my sewing room and my pen disappears.  Then, of course,  there is a frantic search, upending everything to find it.

Out of necessity, I decided to make a pencil holder.  That way I would have access to more than one pen.  I could have used an empty jar or cup just as easily, but I had some terra cotta pots laying about and thought what a cute pencil holder it would make. 

This was a lot of fun to do, and made up fairly quickly.  I used acrylic paints in red, black, brown, and white.  Her cheeks and lips are the red and white paints mixed to the shade I wanted.  The end of the paintbrush was dabbed into white paint to make highlight dots.  I found some accessories in my button jar and embellished a scrap piece of ribbon.  I also found some dolly hair left over from another project and gave my "assistant" a lovely curl.  I have the matching plate that sits under the pot which will be perfect to hold other stuff I easily lose, like bobbins, thread, paperclips, etc.  The plate doesn't need to be painted, but I will glue the two pieces together for practicality. 

As I was making this one, I thought of several more designs I could do and may do more in the future, because afterall I don't just lose pens and pencils in my sewing room.

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