Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Ghastlies Halloween Quilt

I have been collecting The Ghastlies fabric from Alexander Henry forever.  The characters are so fun and sets the mood perfectly for Halloween.  My stash has sat in a drawer for many years now because I never could decide how best to sew something that would feature this wonderfully creepy family.  And then it came to me -- quotes.  Famously demented quotes from movies or books would separate blocks of The Ghastlies.

 To make the blocks with the quotes, I purchased a packet of Sew-In Computer Fabric and printed my quotes.  Because the printer fabric is 8-1/2" x 11" I cut my family blocks to compliment that size.  The quotes are from the movies Arsenic & Old Lace and The Addams Family, and writers Edgar Allan Poe, Walter Scott, William Shakespeare, and Lewis Carroll.

I sketched a quick "blueprint" of how I wanted to blocks to look, scattering the colors about, and sewed them all together.  Some quick in-the-ditch quilting, a simple black binding, and it was done.  This was truly a make-it-in-a-weekend quilt.

I really liked how this quilt turned out and showed it off to my own family.  Imagine my surprise when they all said, "This quilt looks like you."

Whatever did they mean by that???  


  1. I adore the Ghastlies and your quilt of quotes is brilliant. Creative Ghastlie Bliss...

  2. I really love your quilt. What a neat idea. I have been collecting the Ghastlies for years also, but I haven't seen the one with the automobile. Do you happen to know the name of that piece?

  3. I don't want to say anything about this quilt that might sound trite. I am just in love with it. It's so creative to find quotes and print them. I have never printed on fabric...It's stupid but I am intimidated by machines..will it jam...will the ink withstand washing...wish I would just jump in!!!