Friday, July 15, 2016

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower

Another baby shower!  This time the theme was Mickey Mouse.  There are so many cute Mickey Mouse prints on the market that I couldn't make up my mind which one to use, so I used several.  I like that it was basically primary colors (recommended for new babies), and the fact that it was an easy-to-make square pattern was icing on the cake.

Included with the gift were several burp cloths made from a simple pattern given to me by good friend and fellow quilter Rhea.  These are so quick to sew and the perfect size.  I made these out of 3 pieces of flannel, double stitched around the peanut shape, then cut fringe approximately every half inch.  I made these baby friendly by washing them in Dreft before giving away.  This way the fringe is ruffled and any fabric stiffeners or chemicals are removed.   Mama-to-be Melissa was so happy with them she asked for a dozen more.

Also included with my gift were a couple of books, a crocheted afghan (bright yellow to go with the Mickey Mouse theme colors), and a plush Mickey.  Melissa and Baby Mikey had a wonderful shower, full of gifts, good food, and lots of laughter.  Due in early August, she has just enough time to prepare for his arrival. 

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  1. Your beautiful quilts are awesome! Thanks for your kind words left on my blog!