Monday, July 15, 2019

The 100-Day Project

I have taken a hiatus from quilting and have been drawing lately.  My latest endeavor was drawing a picture a day for The 100-Day Project.  Although most of the people who participate in this journey are artists of some sort (quilters, writers, painters, scrapbookers, etc.), it is not a requirement to do something artsy.  Basically this project challenges participants to DO SOMETHING each day for 100 days.  It could something as simple as brushing your teeth for 100 days, or as complicated as making an elaborate meal.  You just post a picture on Instagram (or Facebook, if you prefer).  That's all there is to it.  There is no reward or prize for completing each day's task, just the satisfaction of knowing that you have committed a few minutes each day to this project.

I like to draw, so I chose to draw occupations.  I picked odd jobs, like chimney sweep, alligator wrestler, the grim reaper, as well as some mundane jobs, like secretary, HVAC man, doctor, etc.  Of course my twisted humor sometimes took over, but that just made it more fun.

Of course I had to include a quilter!

The project started in April and ended in July.  If this sounds like something you think you might want to do, check out their website at  I found it to be great fun and met a lot of nice people through the process. 

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