Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Rose-Colored Glasses Sew-It Show-It Challenge


Today is the last day of this fantastic hop and my day to show you my project for the Rose-Colored Glasses Sew-It Show-It Challenge.  This month's challenge is the brainchild of Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.  Thank you, Carol for hosting this fun blog hop.  I don't know where you come up with all these great challenges!

Carol challenged us this month to create something using rose or pink fabric, eyeglasses, roses, or positive words.  I have worn glasses since I was in the 4th grade, so naturally I chose to focus on glasses.

This was one of those projects that just kept growing as ideas bloomed.  I decided to applique a cute girl in rose-colored glasses on the front of a tote bag.   I was ready to stitch her down when I began to get ideas.  It was as if this cute little miss was talking to me, saying, "Hey, I'm not just another pretty face!"  

So after a little thought I added a few things to my design.

--Instead of sewing her directly onto the tote, I sewed her onto a large pocket big enough to hold a full-size magazine. 

--I added eyelets to her ears (which are free-standing) so she could hold my earrings.  

--I added buttonholes in her hair so she could hold my glasses/sunglasses.

--I added buttonholes on either side of her neck so she could hold a necklace or scarf.  

I sewed the pocket to the tote, and Rose became functional as well as cute, my gal pal for when I go to the gym or the beach. 
A nice big tote.


Rose is the perfect debutante in her rose-colored glasses and 
Peter Pan collar.  If you look closely, you can tell her collar 
and glasses are made from the same pattern.  Her glasses are  
made from a piece of clear vinyl tinted with a red Sharpie pen.


At the gym, Rose can hold my glasses and jewelery for me.


Rose can hold my sunglasses, earrings, and scarf 
while I take a dip in the pool.  The pocket easily 
holds a magazine and the tote can hold a
beach towel with room to spare. 


Rose's pocket is 11"x12", big enough to hold a large magazine or book, and the bag is nice and roomy, overall about 17"x17".

Rose and I are ready for any beach trip or shop hop that comes our way!  

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  1. Oh my goodness, you have created the perfect tote. Rose is absolutely precious. I love all the additions you put on her to "doll" her up a bit. You need to write a pattern. I will be first in line to purchase it! I love love love her!

  2. Charlene, you rocked my world this morning with this bag. I love it and feel like I need to make a "Rose" bag. cute! Making her on the pocket is such a great idea and something I'll have to remember for bags I sew with applique. I agree with Joan about writing a pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun tote! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful bag and genius application of plastic, sharpie and other delights. The pocket is by far the star of the show. A new beach bag is the perfect project for right now. I'm sure your bag will be the best on the beach. Thanks so much for sharing your happy and clever project.

  5. Your Rose bag is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Your Rose tote is adorable. Her glasses are so cute.

  7. Your tote is pretty cool!!! And so practical - what an awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Fabulous. Love a big tote - they are so handy for the beach etc.

  9. You are so dang creative. On top of being over the top cute your gal pal is so supportive and helpful. Youre lucky to have her for your friend and cohort in fun.

  10. Great rose use for the HOP. How creative with this bag! Love all the little features to keep things in place.

  11. I love your rose tote, perfect for use over the summer

  12. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Love her - - creative, functional and cute as always!!