Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Personalized Mug Rugs

I wanted to share with you a couple of Mug Rugs I made for my lunch buddies, Ruth and Rhea.  We get together every month for lunch and chatter at the local Ice Creamery.  (Is it any wonder I can't lose weight?)  Rhea always brings special gifts for us, so I thought I would surprise her this time with something I made.

These were so fun any easy.  With a fine-tipped permanent black marker I drew a simple cartoon caricature of Ruth and Rhea, then colored them in with crayons.  To set the colors, I put wax paper over the colored drawing and ironed it on medium-high heat.  Next I added a square scrap of fabric to the left side of the drawing.  After a tiny bit of quilting, I added batting, a backing and bound it. Voila! 

I think these little mug rugs are so much fun to make.  They're a quick project that's sure to catch a smile.


  1. Charlene...the mug rugs are awesome...your lunch buddies sure are smiling!! Oh how I wish I could draw. Happy stitching, Pauline