Friday, April 4, 2014

Who's your Fairy Quilt Godmother?

Meet Grimoira, my personal Fairy Quilt Godmother.  She hails from the website of Paper Panache, one of my favorite sites.  If you're interested in finding your own godmother, visit Paper Panache and follow the selection process (a fun survey-type questionnaire) and "she will spring from the ranks."  All godmothers are different.  Check out the parade of Fairy Quilt Godmothers already made.  Some are even funnier than mine!

I had to share with you my paper-piecing adventure.  Believe me, this was a trial and error process.  I ripped out more seams in this tiny project than I ever have on a big quilt.  Although it was a lot of fun, paper piecing is not fast (for me anyway).  If paper piecing is your thing, make sure to check out  There are lots of free patterns, as well as unique ones for sale.

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  1. I agree with you...I really struggled when I first started paper piecing. It's not fast for me either...I describe it as "thinking backwards". I still do a whole lot of 'unstitching'. What a fun paper piecing adventure...thanks for sharing the link. Happy stitching, Pauline