Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby gift in a hurry

Recently my neighbor told me her daughter was expecting a baby boy any day.  Yikes!  I needed a baby quilt and fast.  Of course I could have gone to the store and bought something, but I like my neighbors and wanted to do something special.

I started going through all of my books and magazines to find something appropriate that could be made in a weekend or less.  Imagine my relief when I came upon Erla Gudrun's darling baby blanket in her book Fast & Furious Home.   

This pattern was just perfect for a new baby boy.  I found the cutest circus material and was amazed at how quickly it came together.  Needless to say my neighbor and her daughter were thrilled and the nice thing is that I got the quilt done before the baby arrived.  Whew! 

I really liked the simplicity of this quilt pattern and, of course, I was pleased it whipped up so fast.  This pattern is definitely a keeper!  



  1. Charlene, You popped up as a no-reply blogger so I came to visit your blog to say "Thanks!" for visiting my blog and for leaving that sweet comment. Your blog looks like a fun place to pop back to visit! :O)

  2. Hi ....will return to see your reveal....