Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where are you???

* Excuses Reasons for Not Blogging

  1. I’m working on a secret project and there are spies everywhere.
  2. I have become obsessed with Project Life and December Daily.
  3. I fell and broke my tailbone and sitting for too long is excruciating.
  4. I want to write fiction.
  5. The husband has had the flu.
  6. I am addicted to the game Fairway Golf.
  7. I am reading really good books right now – five of them.
  8. I am coming down to the last days of my free use of the Cricut Explore library and am making images like mad.
  9. I’m in the mood to create things for Christmas and it’s still too early to post holiday ideas without getting shot.
  10. I won a beauty pageant and paparazzi are stalking me.

* Some of these excuses reasons may be imagined.

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