Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twas the Night Before Christmas . . .

In spite of being sick most of the month of December, I still had a wonderful time.  We celebrated on Christmas Eve this year to accommodate diverse schedules.  We had a formal (ha!) dinner of lasagna and all the trimmings.  Everyone brought their signature dishes and it was a night to remember.

One thing I did want to share was my table setting.  I had decided to keep it simple with just a red tablecloth and colored napkins, but both my daughters-in-law sent me a picture of tables decked out with snowmen.  I LOVE SNOWMEN!  I scrutinized the pictures they sent me, then visited Pinterest for more ideas.  And this is what I created:

The red tablecloth was replaced with a white one and red square napkins were used to make up the top hat.  I had some blue snowflakes to set on the table to add a little accent.  Scarves for the snowmen plates were quickly folded from the linen napkins and the silverware was placed just so.  Junior Mints were used for the eyes, baby carrots made the noses, and Hershey's Kisses were used for buttons.   

Is this cute or what?  And easy.

The table was a success with my guests, and Jolly the Elf approved, too.

My table is on the small side, so the end settings got "melted" snowmen.  They were still cute.

Best of all was that my family and I got to share a wonderful meal and spend time together. 

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