Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wall Murals for Social Services

When I should be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, I get a call from my old boss asking me to draw and paint kid-friendly murals in their visitation rooms.  It's for kids.  How could I say no?

Since I am still working, I needed to find simple scenes others could paint.  After searching the Internet 'til all hours of the night, I found scenes easy enough for novice or experienced painters and sketched them out for approval.   

For the first room I drew huge simplistic trees with flowers and butterflies. A whole team of volunteers showed up to paint the walls.  I'm not the only soft touch with a soft spot for kids.  😉

Each of the second room's walls featured a different type of landscape.  One wall featured a city with a lake nearby, another wall had mountains, and another had a forest scene.  A road with cars and trucks tied the scene together.  This was mainly the room I painted in.  Since most of the scenes were angular, I used painter's tape to tape off the scenes, then used sponges to add paint. 

I never got to see the rooms finished because I wasn't there the final week, but I've been promised pictures.  Hopefully the children that use these rooms will find them cheery and bright.

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