Thursday, June 14, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop

Hello!  And welcome to my reveal day 
for the Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop.  

A big THANK YOU to Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks for hosting this hop.

For my project I chose a bright and colorful little quilt that is quick and easy to make.  This quilt is called Corner Flower Shoppe.  It comes from the book entitled A Batch of Quilt Soup by Barbara Jones.

The finished quilt measures 61" x 61" and is the perfect cover-up for cool summer evenings.  (Actually, where I live, there are no cool summer evenings, only hot and sticky nights, so I will save this quilt for the fall and winter.)

This is a simple quilt to make.  In fact, I have seen this exact flower on a couple of other sites in this hop.  The flower blocks are patchwork and the centers and leaves are appliqued.  The flower pots and stems are pieced.

To make this quilt I used a lot of my stash of scraps.  Smaller scraps would make a stunning scrappy quilt.  I thought this would even be a great looking quilt done in grays and blacks on a white background. 

The Stitch and Flip corner triangle method makes quick work of the flowers.  There are 13 flowers in all.  The hardest part is making sure the white triangles are in the appropriate corners.


 The stem piece is made up of three rectangles.  The quilt needs four of these sections.

The four flowerpot blocks have a contrasting color strip sewn to the top of a large rectangle.  Then white triangles are sewn on either side, using the Stitch and Flip method.  Excess fabric is cut away.

 All that is left to do is sew the three sections -- flower, stem, and flower pot -- together.

Leaves are appliqued to stem section.

The center of the flower is made by cutting two 3" circles and sewing them together, rights sides facing.  A small slit is cut into the wrong side of the circle, then turned inside out and ironed flat.  Center is then appliqued to the center of the flower.

The quilt is finished off with a border of two colors of green which make a sort of picket fence design.  The border also uses the Stitch and Flip method and goes together very quickly.  I pieced this quilt's backing together with some ladybug fabric I thought matched the garden theme and bound it all with another color of green.

Another project I made for this hop was a couple of potholders.  I always need potholders (mine are mysteriously singed) and I found a couple of really cute patterns in Potholders, Pinchers & More by Chris Malone.

The first to be made was a round potholder with a flower on top.  These were so easy to make.  I sandwiched an insulated backing (silver side facing heat source) between a top and bottom.   For the design I made 8 petals and a round center.

To make turning the small petals inside out, I used the old straw trick.  I positioned the petals around the potholder, then added the center using a blanket stitch.  I used purchased bias tape to make the binding.  I still need to add a button in the center. 

Using basically the same steps, I made a long potholder with pockets for your hands.

I just had to show off two of my favorite Hibiscus flowers that are blooming in my garden right now.  When we visited Hawaii a few years ago, the Hibiscus bushes were everywhere in every color imaginable.  When I got home, I planted a few Hibiscus in my back yard.  Their lovely blooms never fail to remind me of the good times I had in Hawaii.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my projects as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you.

Be sure and visit everyone participating today.  
They are sure to delight you with their talent and creativity.

Friday, June 15th

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  1. I really like your flower quilt. Thanks for showing how it's made. Your colors are just perfect.

  2. Stunning pot holder. Your garden is looking so pretty ♥

  3. Your pot holders and quilt are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. I love that bright cheerful quilt! You know what? I have that book and haven't made anything from it. You have inspired me to get it out and try at least one of those cute flowers. The potholders are so pretty too and as some would say too pretty to use, lol! The hibiscus flowers are beautiful.

  5. I love the quilt and the potholder both. I will say the colors for the quilt are fantastic.

  6. Yes this flower block is becoming very popular and that includes me. Your is so colorful and well done. I think this would make a wonderful toddler blanket too. Thanks for sharing the book, I'm on my way to amazon.

  7. Gosh this was such a fun stop. Love the pot holders but I don't understand the part about your old ones being "singed" ;-} Thanks for the insight onto the construction of your lovely quilt.

  8. The quilt is so pretty and cheery it! Oh my, those potholders are the cutest!

  9. I love your cheery potholders. Thanks for the tutorial and thanks for sharing.

  10. What a beautiful quilt! We keep our house cool enough to use a small laptop quilt while watching tv. LOL
    The potholders are too cute!

  11. Thank you for the flower quilt tutorial and I have the pot holder book so thanks for the inspiration to get me going.

  12. What a bright and cheery flower shoppe you have created. It's got that special WOW factor going on! I've got the potholder book here myself, and love pulling it out from time to time. Such cute patterns. Almost too cute to get dirty. LOL!! Your hibiscus plants look gorgeous. I'm still waiting for mine to start blooming here.

  13. All of your projects are so lovely! I always need pot holders, too. I need to sew some because my old ones are singed, also. Yours are so bright and cheery!

  14. What an adorable quilt and look at those super cute potholders. Thank you for joining the Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop. Great inspiration for lots of flower fun.

  15. Beautiful quilt, and an adorable potholder! I like how you split the sunflower for both sides

  16. Wonderful projects! Thank you for providing the sources for your patterns. I get frustrated when I see something wonderful and I think I'd like to try that someday. Even though that doesn't happen in most cases, I am frustrated when I don't have a source for the pattern. I at least like to be able to put it on my bucket list. Thanks for the tips on putting the quilt and the potholders together. I'm always looking for ideas for giveaways. I belong to a widows group and twice a year there are two dinners for the widows in the Tulsa area. There are always lots of giveaways at the dinners. I knit dishcloths and am going to donate some of those for a giveaway at some of the dinners. It amazes me how my dishcloths can become very distressed looking in short order. Potholders seem to do the same and they each seem to disappear. Thank you for participating with all the flowery goodness.

  17. Your flower quilt is beautiful and cheery and I love those flowery potholders! You've got me wondering, what is the straw trick to turning those petals right side out? I've never seen or heard of it before.

    1. It's an old seamstress trick. You stick a straw into the open end of a piece you need to turn inside out (as pictured). Then you use a crochet hook or pencil (I used a stick) on the other end to push through the fabric. What happens as you continue pushing is the fabric turns itself inside out with ease. Give it a try!

  18. Such a sweet quilt and the potholders are adorable!

  19. Beautiful things you've made. And those pot holders tempted me a lot.

  20. Your projects are both bright & cheerful and easy to make. Win-win for all of us, Thanks for sharing the steps to make both.

  21. What an actually made a quilt using a book. Seems I usually just look through the books and never attempt any. :( The quilt is so cute, flowery, and bright. The potholders are my favorite - love that the petals are 3D.

  22. great potholders and I luv those hibiscuses 🌺

  23. Hello Charlene; I apologize for being so late, but am so glad that I stopped by to see what you created for the blog hop! Your quilt is spectacular!! I love the flowers in the flower pots and the way you described the ease of making them in your tutorial. This quilt is perfect for anyone who loves flowers and bright fun fabrics. I was also impressed with the potholders you created. They are adorable and would make excellent gifts for any occasion. Thank you so much for sharing and have a superb day tomorrow!

  24. Both projects are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I heard blogger has finally made a fix for the comment issues... xx