Monday, February 24, 2020

Easy and Quick Quilt

Making quilts for men and boys take some thought.  They are not as impressed with lovely designs and colors as are we girls.  They seem to enjoy more simple creations, and if it depicts their favorite things (like sports), then all the better!

This quilt was made for a young man who is into every sport imaginable at his school.  He is a star football and basketball player and has the trophies to prove it.

I found a half-yard bundle online of sport-related fabric and knew this would be perfect for him.  There were 6 prints in all, 18" x 44".  I made the strips 13" wide, which made the overall length approximately 78".  The leftover fabric I sewed together and used to make the binding. 

He is a tall young man, so I used all 6 fabrics.  I simply sewed the strips of fabric together, then did some quick quilting using the stitch in the ditch method.  Very quick and easy quilt to make. 

He loved it!  Perfect for snuggling under while watching his favorite sport shows on tv.

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