Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Candy Bags

What kind of candy do you pass out for Halloween?  I usually opt for the mini chocolate bars and the little boxes of Nerds because they are well received.  I remember one year I had bags of chocolate covered raisins and the kids wouldn't take them.  I happen to like chocolate covered raisins, so more for me.

Unfortunately I never make anything myself, although I would love to.  It was a rule when my kids went trick or treating that they were not allowed to enter anyone's house or to eat anything that wasn't wrapped by the manufacturer.  My homemade goodies are only shared with family and close friends. 
Along with choosing the candy I give out, I like to give some thought to how the candy is presented.  We have so few kids here that I can afford to stuff small bags with several pieces.  In the past I have bought vintage bags off ebay, decorated paper bags, and even made cloth bags.  But kids don't care about the bags.  They are only interested in what's inside, so I have learned to show off my creativity elsewhere and stick with the Dollar Store bags. 

And then there are my kids.  Yes, they are grown with kids of their own, but they still expect Halloween goodies, presents from Santa, and baskets from the Easter Bunny.  And because they know their mother is a little on the crazy side, they prepare themselves for anything.

This year for my grandbabies I filled plastic gloves with all kinds of sweet treats and then tied a cute Halloween lunch box joke to the closure.  I found the printable lunch box jokes on Pinterest.  They have lots.  The one I chose was from Artsy Fartsy Mama.  You can find them at

For my grown kiddos, I made them a Toe Tag Bag. I drew a foot, approximately 12" long by 8" wide, with an exaggerated big toe onto some putrid green fabric, then sewed it onto a square of the same fabric, leaving a wide opening at the top.  I cut around the foot and turned it inside out.  I hemmed the top, then painted and quilted the "toes." 

The toe tag was an invitation I found on Pinterest.  You can see and download it here    I reduced it down to about 3" x 2"and printed and tied to the big toe.  I filled the bag with candy and tied the bag closed with a 12" length of green embroidery floss.    

My youngest told me my Toe Tag Bag was disturbing.  What is Halloween without a little creepy, right?


  1. These are such cute ideas. I especially like the filled rubber gloves with a joke tag. We don't have many trick or treaters either and I like to give out special treats to the kids we actually know. I am going to do the rubber glove bags! Thanks for posting it.
    xx, Carol

  2. I love that you managed to disturb at least one of your children. LOL Such adorable thoughts for Halloween scariness!

  3. Cute ideas. I thought the toe bag was hilarious. May have to do this for my adult kids.

  4. I love the way your mind works. I go all out for Halloween decorating the yard and giving out full-sized chocolate bars - peanut-free. Our house is very popular.

  5. Hi! I love your Halloween quilt! Is it a pattern that I can purchase or did you just make it up?
    I have three grandbabes who would love a quilt like yours! It is so cool!

  6. Oh my gosh! That toe tag bag is awesome! Creepy and awesome, lol!