Friday, October 7, 2016

It's October!

It's been a long, hot summer and I am so delighted we are finally in October.  October is welcome for so many reasons:  the weather cools down, winter clothes are unpacked, apple cider and pumpkin treats appear in the stores, and of course Halloween fun.

I am not one to decorate for every holiday, but October, November and December put me in the mood to celebrate.  Halloween is, of course, the most fun, because it can be a little scary and a lot silly.  I look for novel ways to decorate the house and generally pick up a couple of new items each year to add to my collection.  This year I found Thing at Marshall's.  It is animated and crawls across the table when turned on.

 My outside decorations were inspired by posts on Pinterest.  My neighbors have access to a pumpkin patch and brought me a load of pumpkins with which to play.   

The green pumpkin was perfect for a cranky old witch.  To hold the witch's leaf "hair" in place I used straight pins. 

I used black paper and glue to make their faces because I didn't want to cut the pumpkins.  I want them to last as long as they will.  Black acrylic paint would have worked well, too, and I still may paint the pumpkin faces later if the paper doesn't hold up.

The Pumpkin People turned out so well, I thought.  I bought their clothes and accessories at the local Good Will.  My neighbor loaned me Mrs. Pumpkin's pearls.  I like the Pumpkin People so well that they may come back next year.

 I like that the Pumpkin People are more silly than scary.  We have a lot of little ones on Halloween and I don't want them to be frightened. 

So how did you decorate for Halloween?


  1. OMGOSH!!! I LOVE this post. I love Halloween better than any holiday. It cranks me up and the next two holidays mellow me out to serenity. It's like a roller coaster. Those pumpkin people are great, especially that green witch. I'm going to the farmers market and I'll grab a reen one if I see one. Our favorite pumpkin patch closed. The owners were getting older and the kids did not want to take time from their own families to keep it going. I knew the closing was happening, but now that it's October I had no idea how much I would miss going there. I never once when there without seeing an old friend I hadn't seen in a while.

    Thanks for the holiday inspiration. I used to be scary at do Whimsy like you.
    xx, Carol

    1. I used to do scary, too, but when it made the little ones cry I switched to just fun decorations.

  2. The witch is a cutie, very different. I use to decorate. I just might do a little this year too. Thanks for the inspiration.