Saturday, October 15, 2016

Witch Hazel is Having a Party

Halloween is fast approaching and this year Witch Hazel is celebrating at her house with a party for all her fiendish friends.  She has so much to do to get ready.  The invitations have been sent, but there is the laundry to finish, goodies to bake, and the house needs to be decorated.  What is a witch to do?!?  I thought it would be fun to record in embroidery her silly antics as she makes preparations for her Monster Mash.

Come back soon to see Witch Hazel's progress.  


  1. These are two great patterns? Can you share where you got them. Halloween is the BEST!! what will they be? I LOVE them.

    1. Hi Carol - I drew them. I will try to put them up as a pdf. So glad you liked them.